Snowshoeing in Calabria: 4 snow excursion proposals

Snowshoe trekking in nature parks
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Feb 14, 2024 10:48 AM

Unaccustomed to skiing and looking for a pleasant alternative? Snowshoeing in Calabria is the fun for you, try it to believe!

Snowshoes are easy to use and require no special sporting skills, except a passion for nature and snow-covered landscapes where you can breathe the good air.

Let's discover together where to snowshoe in Calabria, with routes suitable for young and old.

Where to go snowshoeing in Calabria

Time to put on your snowshoes and go snowshoeing with friends! Calabria is full of interesting routes, for all tastes and training levels.

Crossing the Calabrian parks with snowshoes on your feet means savouring the beauty of unspoilt places at a slow pace, fully enjoying the silence, the encounter with the animals that populate them and the vegetation that surrounds them.

Snowshoeing in the Sila Grande

The first proposal starts in the snow-covered forests of Sila Grande, in the province of Cosenza, where expert guides will accompany visitors on some of the most evocative nature trails.

Among the best routes to practice in the Sila Grande, we recommend the itinerary that connects the ski resorts of Lorica (Municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore), Camigliatello Silano (Municipality of Spezzano della Sila) and the nearby areas of interest of Fago del Soldato, Monte Cupone and Silvana Mansio.

These enchanting localities are interconnected by snowshoe trails that allow you to stop between one and the other in one or more days, discovering the many attractions along the way: from the Sila Historical Train to the Cupone Visitor Centre, stopping at warm mountain huts where you can find restoration and typical Sila products.

Treno della Sila
Regione Calabria

Snowshoeing in the Sila Piccola

The Sila National Park on the Catanzaro side offers among its best snowshoeing routes the one in Tirivolo, in the municipality of Zagarise.

Tirivolo is a delightful mountain tourist village in the Sila Piccola, an ideal starting point for snow trekking in the surrounding woods. Precisely around this village, an important team of scholars has in recent years certified the best air in Europe.

The snowshoe route allows you to admire the upper Tacina valley, one of Sila's most prized forests, a number of other historic mountain villages, including the famous Villaggio Mancuso, part of the residential complex that developed in Sila Piccola between the 19th and 20th centuries, and, if you wish, to reach the highest peak on the plateau, Mount Gariglione.

Lago innevato
Regione Calabria

Snowshoeing in the Sila Greca

Fancy snowshoeing in the Sila on the Crotone side? Nothing better than the snowshoe route in Trepidò Sottano and Soprano, a mountain hamlet in the municipality of Cotronei, in the province of Crotone.

We are in the centre of the Crotone ski complex that includes several tourist villages, including the famous Villaggio Palumbo Sila.

In addition to visiting them all, the route allows a pleasant snowshoe hike to Lake Ampollino, the reservoir that was created in the 1920s by the construction of a dam with several hydraulic sawmills around it.

Villaggio Palumbo
Luca Fregola

Snowshoeing in Aspromonte

A snowshoe route that combines nature and spirituality? The one that crosses the Aspromonte National Park and reaches its inaccessible heart: the famous Shrine of the Madonna di Polsi, in the municipality of San Luca, in the province of Reggio Calabria.

It seems impossible to be able to walk through these snow-covered forests with snowshoes on your feet while looking at the sea... or rather, both seas, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian, depending on the slopes and the panoramic views from the peaks.

The Carmelia-Montalto snowshoe hike offers this and many other emotions, to be conquered on an uphill route, for those who are well trained.

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