Solo exhibition of paintings by Emilio Marrazzo

Emilio Marrazzo

© Emilio Marrazzo

Art Exhibit

Apr 1, 2022 11:09 AM

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Mar 19 - 30 May


Santa Severina Castle, Santa Severina


Art Exhibit

Painting finds its space in a place of history and culture in the heart of Santa Severina, one of the Most beautiful villages in Italy.  The Scuderia del Castello in Santa Severina will host a solo exhibition of paintings by the artist Emilio Marrazzo from 19 March to 30 May 2022. 

Emilio Marrazzo is an artist of Calabrian origin and some of his works have been exhibited nationally. He describes the themes in his works as intrinsically linked to humanity and the cosmos. Marrazzo's style alternates between abstraction and abstract figurative art. In his artistic process, he employs different techniques that often lead to new directions and possibilities. His distinctive compositions are created using acrylics and oils on canvas.