The Saracens Coast



It is one of the wildest coastal areas and historically the richest of the Ionian coast, stretching in the easternmost part of Calabria between Cariati and the Marquis hills of Crotone. The varied morphology of the Saracens Coast (Costa dei Saraceni) is characterized by the alternation of promontories and gulfs that are more or less extended. Vast areas bordering the sea, rich in Mediterranean vegetation and pine forests, have permitted the construction of facilities of considerable size and excellent quality. The whole coast is rich in historical artefacts of the great Magna Graecia civilization and numerous medieval and Byzantine remains. The beauty of the landscape, the clear sea – the Blue Flag award in 2009 and in 2010-, the nearby Sila, the high quality of the typical products render Cariati a popular tourist center. The origins of Ciro Marina (Punta Alice) are Greek, the ancient Krimisa, a hamlet of Ciro, is one of the main destinations of seaside tourism on Calabria's Ionian coast. In 2010, for the tenth time, Ciro Marina has received the Blue Flag award for its beaches. The seaside resort area of Crotone extends south to the port and up to the promontory of Capo Colonna. The beaches are characterized by a fine sand that has a particular titian colour. The archaeological treasure of the amazing Capo Colonna alternates mixed sandstone and clay promontories with large coves of low and sandy beaches. Cape Colonna, Cape Cimiti, Cape Rizzuto and Punta Le Castella are the main tourist destinations of the Saracens Coast (Costa dei Saraceni). The whole area is included in Capo Rizzuto Marine Reserve, which encompasses an area of 40 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation, with a rigid system for the protection of the seabed and its many species.

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