Umbriatico stands on a ledge at the foot of the Sila Greca, between high cliffs that foreshadow the village hence the origin of the name. The name episcopos Briaticou (in Greek) first appeared in a document that dates back to the year 1193, in 1325 it was used as an adjective ("In civitate et dyocesi umbriaticensi") and in the 16th century the term Umbriatico was employed. As for the origin, however, it could come from the Latin Umbriaticus personnel or from the Latin umbrivaticus or umbraticus (located in the shade). According to Rohlfs it can be traced back to the Greek name Euriates (a surname used in Calabria during the 12th century). Scholars identify Euruates as the name of the Calabrian dioceses in the 9th century. In the Middle Ages it was an important Episcopal see (later abolished in 1818). For what concerns its foundation, some historians hypothesize that Umbriatico could be the heir of the city of Bristacia, built by Enotri or Philoctetes. Fortified by Hannibal, it was later conquered by Romans and the citizens took refuge in the nearby Paterno. The village was sold to Rinaldo d'Aquino by King Ladislaus. Then it passed to Sangiorgio, to Ruffo di Montalto, to Riario, to Coppola, to Borgia and to Spinelli who sold it to Joseph Rovegna, the Baron of Stalettì.

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