Alessandria del Carretto

comune_alessandria del carretto

Alessandria del Carretto is the highest town in the Pollino National Park, at an elevation of about 1.043 m a.s.l.. It still keeps its ancient traditions.

Once known as “Torricella”, it was re-founded in 1633 by prince Alessandro Pignone del Carretto. Due to its geographical position, its climate is quite cold in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.

People in the village are very hospitable: during the “Pita” festival, that takes place in Spinazzeta, located high in the mountains on the boundary with Basilicata, they host tourists in their homes and offer them local delicacies. 

Local population is very proud of its ancient traditions and history and preserves and promotes them through festivals and cultural events.

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Piazza Municipio, Alessandria del Carretto


0981 53006


0981 53006