Paolo Emilio Tower


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Almost behind the convent of the Capuchins, towards the North-East, on a hill in the village of Rocca, lies this important architectural work. Paolo Emilio Tower is a Spanish watchtower of the sixteenth century, built with horizontal "roof vaulting" similar to other  towers of the Saracen fleet, aragonese, Catalan age exist in the section that goes from the Amalfi coast in Reggio Calabria. 

The Tower, of ten meters per side, needed to organize the defense, playing a role of Northwest sighting of the Castle, in conjunction with the other Holy Litterata Tower, until 1893 existed. The owner of the tower was Paolo Emilio Emperor, an aristocrat, owner of the Fund, named "Emperor", on which the artifact was built in 1566. The Tower remains today "three walls", one of them still majestic. At night a beacon draws attention of tourists and visitors.

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