Convent of San Daniele


Place of worship

The Capuchin Convent, built in 1595 and dedicated to St. Daniel Fasanella, is located at the foot of the fortress of Belvedere Marittimo. The facade of the building is characterized by the portal with yellow stone door with chestnut, topped by a bezel with mosaic. The pediment has the coat of arms lion rampant. The church has a nave, guards inside Late Baroque altars dedicated to the worship of Franciscans Saints: the "Chapel of the Portiuncula" houses the altar dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, topped by an altarpiece of the eighteenth century that depicts him in adoration of the Holy Virgin, and houses the relics of St. Valentine bishop. Other reliquaries and Late Baroque triptych are located in the adjacent chapel. 

On the main altar stands the canvas dedicated to the "Immaculate", by Angelo Molinari (1603). Important is the shrine containing the image of the seventeenth-century wooden Crucifix. The cloister preserves part of the original frescoes: at the entrance there is the image of the "Madonna of Mercy"; along the west wall, the "Madonna of Guadalupe" and the Immaculate" (copy or antecedent of main altar). Inside the cloister is a stone sundial; in the small library adjacent preserves important ancient volumes.

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