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The territory of Belvedere Marittimo presents in some areas "natural sculptures". The coast of Belvedere Marittimo  presents marine terraces and yellow sands  formed by rises or clayey valleys, named "calanchi". Up to 60 years, especially the territory of Marina, was full of these large terraces with accelerated erosion, Belvedere was compared to another popular area of Badlands located in territory of Atri in the province of Teramo. 

Today there are still terraces of Badlands behind the coast of S. Litterata and one said "lonely" which can be seen along the highway at the height of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the North. The Badlands are erosion with expedited procedure in sand deposits, so the quick surface runoff digs in the slopes, consisting of incoherent material, many tiny furrows, divided among them, and thin ridges and lianas.

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JRHX+7G, Belvedere Marittimo
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