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National Archaeological Museum of Crotone, housed in a building of Via Risorgimento, in historic center of the city, is among the richest of Calabria for materials exposed. Eexhibition is divided on two floors and includes a garden entrance. 

Among the most important are the finds of the excavation site of ancient Kroton and mythological Heraion Lakinion, on the promontory of Capo Colonna, where there is Aarchaeological Park. The entrance garden is home to two large stone lips, from the cargo of a ship found in the waters of Marine Reserve, Punta Scifo (Asia Minor, III century AC). 

The finds are displayed in chronological order: Prehistoric phase is represented by axes and lithic weapons, a human skull and tools for agriculture; Iron Age by rich funeral from Crotone and a section dedicated to the production of Greek vases, with amphorae distinguished according to the source. The first floor exhibits, according to topographical criteria, the discoveries made in urban area of Crotone. An entire room is dedicated to Sanctuary of Hera Lacinia and various objects that make up famous Treasure of Goddess (Diadema Aureo and Barchetta Nuragica of the seventh century BC). Another section is dedicated to the discoveries of ancient Krimisa, today Cirò Marina, with a series of capitals, votive terracotta and marble.

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