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Capo Nao Tower is a defensive structure dating back to the sixteenth century, located in Capo Colonna, in the province of Crotone. Its construction was part of the fortification project of Calabrian coasts promoted by Charles V in the sixteenth century: initial project involved the construction of three towers, but only the first one was completed by Fabrizio Pignatelli, between 1550 and 1568. Entirely covered with sandstone, Tower resisted to Saracen raids. In 1860 it passed to French, that they inserted in their customs system for defensive purposes. After Unification of Italy, was used as headquarters of Financial Police. 

The Tower has a square base, with a raised access by three flights of stairs and a small drawbridge, elements that made it almost impenetrable, as well as the presence of various sharpshooter and piombatoi on top. After restoration Tower was used as Antiquarium, where there are underwater archaeological finds from the area: Greeks and Romans (between 600 BC and 200 AC).

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26H4+C4, Crotone
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