What to see and do in Tropea in autumn

Not only sea, discovering the autumn face of Tropea

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Feb 15, 2024 11:27 AM

Tropea, one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy in the province of Vibo Valentia, "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" and capital of the Red Onion of Tropea IGP, besides being a favourite destination for summer tourism, also offers beautiful opportunities to visit in the low season, starting from its autumn sea view.

Also frequented for events, exhibitions, shows and festivals, Tropea in autumn is transformed into a delightful village to be discovered at a slow pace, without the summer crowds.

What to see in Tropea in autumn, the magic of the village

Enlivened by a series of themed events that happily combine art, design, tastings and entertainment opportunities, Tropea extends the summer season immersed in the charm of its historic buildings, panoramic overlooks and exhibition spaces that embellish an historic centre already among The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

Clinging to the cliff, the seaside village "Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea" looks proudly at the islet that is its symbol: the iconic rock on which stands the Shrine of Santa Maria dell'Isola, a panoramic site, one of Calabria's best-known postcards, accessed by climbing a flight of 370 steps.

Other suggestive views include Largo Duomo, the Belvedere in Piazza Cannone and the Belvedere di Rico Ripa.

Tropea santuario
Vincenzo Stranieri

Autumn is the ideal time to enjoy one of the world's most beautiful overlooks, at the end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, as well as the small beaches that are no longer crowded by the summer streams, the squares of the "good living room" where you can sip an aperitif at sunset, and the alleyways that lead to the discovery of the town's noble buildings and most precious works, such as the beautiful monumental portals (Palazzo Braghò and Palazzo Collareto Galli).

The noble palaces include Toraldo Palace and Santa Chiara Palace, which now houses the Museo del Mare.

Among the sacred places, the Cathedral of Maria Santissima of Romania, dating back to the 12th century, holds the painting of the Madonna of the same name.

Legend has it that the precious Byzantine icon was on board a ship that landed on these shores during a storm. That same night, the Madonna appeared to the bishop in a dream, expressing her wish to stop in Tropea as patron saint.

Since then, popular devotion has paid homage to her on a double feast day, 27 March and 9 September.

Other fine churches can be found along the Corso, such as the Church of San Michele Arcangelo (also known as the Church of Purgatory) and the Church of San Francesco d'Assisi, which once housed the Franciscan Convent. Nearby you can admire the Chapel of Santa Margherita, an expression of local Gothic.

What to do in Tropea in autumn, events and festivals

Shoppers in all seasons will appreciate strolling along the main street and alleyways, i.e. among the shop windows and display areas of local vendors, craftsmen and artists, who offer a cross-section of folklore and typical handicrafts in their workshops.

Food shops and friggitorie, on the other hand, are the best place for tasting on the fly and sampling local street food, such as classic fish cones and fried vegetables, led by the ever-present Red Onion of Tropea PGI.

Elisabetta Cirianni

Those in search of a gourmet meal are spoilt for choice with restaurants and bistros in the square offering the best of Calabrian and Tropean gastronomic tradition revisited in a contemporary key: from filèja, fresh handmade pasta served with meat sauce, to fried sùrici (scallop fish) and 'nduja, the undisputed symbol of Calabria.

How to dispose of a hearty lunch? With a nice autumn trek around Tropea.

Excursions within everyone's reach include a trip to the deconsecrated church of Santa Maria della Neve, also known as "Michelizia", in the Carmine district, surrounded by greenery; or a walk along the emerald-green Costa degli Dei, one of the most beautiful stretches of sea in the region.

ASD Krapuni

Finally, visiting Tropea in autumn means participating in a series of initiatives and events that populate the town with artists and works of art.

These include the "Materia Design Festival" (from 27 to 30 September, the 2023 edition), a three-day exhibition dedicated to design, inside historical buildings and in the streets of the centre, with talks, thematic meetings and the awarding of the "Guglielmo Papaleo" Prize to the young artists on show.

Materia Independent Design Festival