Romantic autumn in Calabria: 3 destinations for couples

Romantic escape in Calabria in seaside villages
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Feb 15, 2024 10:21 AM

Are you thinking of giving your partner a romantic getaway in Calabria?

Take advantage of the autumn and low season to plan a weekend by the sea with your partner in some of the most beautiful coastal villages in the region.

Discover 3 destinations for couples to experience together a romantic autumn in Calabria amidst the sea, historic centres with ancient charm and candlelight tastings.

Chianalea di Scilla

Not by chance known as the "Little Venice of the South", because of the sea that laps against the houses just like Venice, the small fishing village of Chianalea di Scilla, on the Costa Viola in the province of Reggio Calabria, is the perfect destination for couples dreaming of a romantic weekend in Calabria in all seasons.

The history of the seaside suburb of Scilla is steeped in myths and legends, starting with its name, which goes straight back to Homer and the ancient Chianalea, a village of Trojan exile fishermen. Was it here that Ulysses challenged the bewitching song of the Sirens? Judging by the magic of the place, one can hardly believe it!

Regione Calabria

Loving and damned Lido, where the fearsome Scylla, a sea monster still reigning in the artistic forms of the sculpture on the town's panoramic square, evokes suggestions and mirages beyond the Strait of Messina.

Chianalea di Scilla is the perfect place for a candlelit dinner... at the water's edge. Where? In one of the many fish restaurants built on the typical stilts over the sea that characterise the village.

Don't miss a visit to the Ruffo Castle, one of the best preserved in Calabria.

Vincenzo Stranieri


Another unmissable destination for a romantic weekend among Calabria's seaside villages is Pizzo, in the province of Vibo Valentia along the beautiful Costa degli Dei.

Known for one of the absolute delights of Calabrian ice cream, the famous Pizzo Truffle whose secret recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, Pizzo is a veritable terrace overlooking the sea.

Its busy "piazzetta" (Piazza della Repubblica) is in fact one of the most beautiful overlooks of the Aeolian Islands and the romantic sunsets that set the Tyrrhenian Sea ablaze in every season.

Castello Murat
Regione Calabria

From this "good living room" you can admire the architectural symbol of Pizzo, the imposing 15th-century Aragonese Castle, better known as the "Murat Castle" because of the dramatic historical event that links it to the King of Naples Joachim Murat, who landed in Pizzo and was captured here by the population in revolt and shot on 13 October 1815.

The king's remains are now kept in the Church of San Giorgio, one of the most valuable in the old town, while the story is told inside the castle itself, home of the Murattiano Provincial Museum, and through a historical re-enactment held every four years.

The unmissable gem? The tiny Piedigrotta Church, a jewel carved entirely out of tuff by local sailors and linked to mysterious legends.

Chiesa di Piedigrotta
Vincenzo Stranieri

Belvedere Marittimo

There is no loving couple in Calabria that has not stopped at least once at Belvedere Marittimo, the "City of Love" and seaside village in the province of Cosenza.

It is here that some relics of St Valentine rest, precisely in the Convent of the Capuchins, built in 595 and dedicated to St Daniel Fasanella (patron saint of Belvedere Marittimo), in the precious "Porziuncola Chapel".

Lovers can leave their cards and votive offerings in this "love convent", addressing their romantic requests to St Valentine.

Described as a "City of Art", the village is rich in historical testimonies, such as the Aragonese Castle built on an existing Norman stronghold, and the Tower of Paolo Emilio, a watchtower against Saracen raids linked to the Tower of Santa Litterata.

A romantic walk? Along the Tyrrhenian coastline that laps Belvedere, characterised by light-coloured sand alternating with striking clay valleys, the typical calanchi.

Castello Aragonese
Regione Calabria