On the trail of Brigante Musolino



Apr 3, 2022 2:10 PM

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Amici/Solo coppia

Three nature trails in a single place of exceptional beauty that was once inaccessible, retracing the steps of Giuseppe Musolino, Italy's most famous bandit.

Starting from the town of Gerocarne, near a small pyramid-shaped fountain in Gagliolo, we enter the heart of Aspromonte, choosing between three different routes - two circular and one linear - with different levels of difficulty, but all immersed in a natural setting of extraordinary charm: from the plateaus between Colaiello and Castania, to the Morano wood rich in holm oaks and chestnut trees, a den of charcoal burners and refuge for the Musolino bandit, to the imposing Pietra delle Armi.

Stop 1 - Gerocarne

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Route A - Stone of Arms Ring

The route begins in the midst of ancient cultivated land, known as "angre", which runs along the course of the Morano river. At the first crossroads, we keep to the left and enter the wood - among imposing elder trees and clumps of yarrow and burdock - until we reach a wooden bridge that will take us to the Pietra delle Armi picnic area.
In this place, where some cavities in the granite rock refer to ancient settlements and where important artefacts from the 10th century B.C. have been found, Giuseppe Musolino, the most famous Italian brigand, a kind and ruthless hero, found refuge. The way back takes us along a dirt road and in about an hour's walk we return to the village.

Route B - Casermetta Castania Ring

Following the same route to Pietra delle Armi, there is a 1 km climb through the San Fili wood that leads to a pine forest with a picnic area and a viewpoint at Castania. From here, you can enjoy a splendid panorama that sweeps from the Mesima Valley to the Gioia Tauro plain and the Gulf of Lamezia Terme.
The return trip includes a descent to the reunion with route A, near the Western Gate of the Serre Park.

Route C - Ariola Nursery

From a technical point of view, this route is the longest and most difficult.
Unlike the other two, it is not a ring-route, but provides for Gerocarne to reach the Ariola Nursery. For route C, it is necessary to continue uphill, keeping the following directions in the order of the crossings: right, left, right, left, right. After passing a cherry tree plantation in the locality of Piano di Colaiello and a scrub of pine trees, the dirt road meets the municipal road that runs alongside the Ariola Nursery. Continuing to the left, after 20 minutes, we will reach its entrance.