Soveria Mannelli



Soveria Mannelli is a  municipality in the Province of Catanzaro. For its elevation of about 800 m a.s.l. it is considered a mountain site.

More than one hundred enterprises are present in the town, working in various commercial fields and located along the main streets, Corso Garibaldi and Viale Rosario Rubbettino. Here, a real open-air shopping mall stands where visitors can spend a quiet summer day doing shopping and relaxing.

Soveria Mannelli is renowned for local cold cuts and cheese, but mainly for understory products that are processed by several ad-hoc firms. Industry includes small and medium-size companies, like Rubbettino and Camillo Sirianni firms, that have long operated in various fields such as food processing, construction, metal and wood working, manufacturing of furniture, doors, windows and school furniture, printing industry and artistic crafts.

The Church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist houses artwork that were once kept in the Abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo including the polychromatic marble main altar (a national monument), a white marble stoup, six wooden candelabras and the ex ossibus relic of Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei. To remember the passage of Garibaldi, the Hero of the Two Worlds, an  Obelisk was erected in the town square named Piazza dei Mille that commemorates the Bourbon surrender to Garibaldi army. Moreover, a commemorative plaque was put on the façade of Casa Sirianni, the building where Garibaldi spent a night. 

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