Scalea, a maze of alleys facing the hill


Jan 22, 2024 10:04 AM

The heir of the Greek-Lucan city of Laos and the Roman Lavinium, Scalea is one of Calabria's oldest cities, positioned between the hill and the Lao river valley, south of Praia a Mare in the Alto Tirreno Cosentino. From golden beaches and crystal-clear seawater to picturesque streets that climb up into the old town; Stairways cross the town like a single stepped street that goes up and down, passes under the low porticos, along narrow paths where only a small strip of sky is visible, to wider streets and squares.

A town with typical medieval architecture, Scalea is perched on a hill in steps, overlooked by the ruins of the Norman castle and is known for its narrow and winding alleys, stone steps and historical buildings.

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