Belmonte Calabro



Belmonte is one of the most interesting and well-preserved old centers in Cosenza Southern Tyrrhenian area. The village has a typically Medieval layout, with houses one against the other along narrow and winding small streets, noble dwellings that overlook small squares, typical Medieval archways, hanging gardens and steep stairs. The surrounding walls are partially preserved; three city gates opened in it: Porta di Mare (Sea Gate) next to a tower; Porta di Terra (Land Gate) at the foot of the castle; Porta Laterale (Side Gate), still visible, that opens northward to the Vallone della Porta (Gate Valley). Tomato farming has great importance for the area. Local tomatoes, large and tasty are called Belmonte tomatoes and have received the PDO (Protected Designation Origin) status. Calabria Capocollo and Soppressata are pork products that characterize the entire regional area. Dried figs are high quality and well-recognized specialties: in 1910, the first producers were from Belmonte and since then all Calabrian people love and eat them.

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