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Calabria is a place where the past and present have always coexisted, in a relationship that has given rise to unique combinations of art and history. Discover all the villages to visit in Calabria: from those counted in the great national circuits and clubs, to the authentic "slow living" villages, guardians of local histories and traditions.

Every season is good for discovering the villages in Calabria and their gems: in spring, the nature of the mid-coast forests offers spectacular scenery; in summer, the small fishing villages by the sea are among the beautiful places in Calabria not to be missed; in autumn, the Oil Roads and Wine Roads take you to discover the villages of agribusiness.

Perched on scenic heights defended by towers and medieval castles, amidst churches, palaces, alleyways and craft workshops, Calabria's most beautiful villages give you the sensation of living outside time, in a dimension where atmospheres, flavours and smells come alive as they once did.

The triumph of "slow tourism" in Calabria passes through 15 Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, Orange Flags, Slow Villages, places of tradition and folklore that enhance your visit experience while respecting nature and communities.

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