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Calabria is a place where past and present have always coexisted, in a relationship that has given rise to unique combinations of art and history.
From ancient Magna-Greek roots to Roman cities, from Byzantine and Norman remains to noble palaces, the whole of Calabria is dotted with charming villages that contain precious treasures of history and culture.

Surrounded by unique landscapes, the villages of Calabria preserve tradition, authenticity, architecture, hidden treasures and countless gastronomic delights. Every season is a good one for discovering the beauties of the villages: in spring, the nature of the forests offers spectacular landscapes; in summer, fun is guaranteed, with villages with a great seafaring tradition and fabulous beaches; in autumn, with grapes and chestnuts, the village festivals triumph; in winter, snow dominates the landscapes of Sila, Aspromonte and Pollino.

Throughout Calabria, there are little gems with surprises in every corner, including churches that preserve valuable works of art and ancient trattorias that offer generous Calabrian cuisine, workshops where master craftsmen still make products in the traditional way, noble palaces that tell the story of the region through the magnificence of their structures.

Places where you have the sensation of living outside time, in a dimension where atmospheres, genuine flavours and authentic smells can still be experienced as they once were.
It is the triumph of "slow" tourism, which appreciates relaxed rhythms, good food and craftsmanship, leading to the discovery of Calabria's historic villages.

An endless journey through Italy's Most Beautiful Villages (Orange Flag), Slow Villages (Slow Living), places of tradition and folklore, historic centres of value, seaside villages and places narrated in literature, which enhance the great heritage of history, art, culture, environment and traditions present in small towns in Calabria, with the aim of a model of sustainable local development, fair, respectful of places and people and attentive to the enhancement of local identities.

Tourist-environmental quality labels that favour the point of view of the traveller and his or her visiting experience, with the aim of introducing people to places that are fascinating from a historical-cultural point of view and appetising from a food-and-wine point of view, where man is still the protagonist of the slow succession of seasons in environments characterised by the spontaneity of religious rites, respect for traditions, and the joy of a slow and quiet life.