Bastion of Malta



The Bastion of Malta differs from most of the other South coastal towers for the thickness of its walls, that makes it suitable for defense against attacks with firearms. The construction of the tower dates back to 1550, by the will of the Viceroy of Naples Pedro Toledo against the incursions of the Saracens. The building was given to the Knights of Malta, a fief holders in nearby St. Eufemia Gulf. 

The Bastion has a compact structure, based on a truncated pyramid with a square tower, divided into four large rooms with vaulted ceilings. Inside the battlements and parapet, large terrace, on which stand three smaller rooms. On the east there is the emblem with shield of the Balì, Signorino Gattinara, with the inscription that gives him credit for having equipped the Bastion of "war machines" (1634). The exceptional state of preservation is due to the solidity of the structure and work of maintenance of the various owners.

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