Norman-Swabian Castle



The Norman-Swabian Castle is located on the highest part of old Nicastro at the top of the ancient and characteristic district of San Teodoro. The castle and the old village are the most picturesque places in the historical centre of Lamezia Terme.

According to some sources, the castle was built on an earlier fortified structure around the 9th century by the Byzantines, other sources claim that the castle was built by the Normans in the 11th century. It was later enlarged by Frederick II of Swabia.

Imposing, it towers over the plain of Lamezia Terme and it is always considered a symbol of the city. The events linked to the origins and history of the castle are intertwined with fascinating tales of legends whose protagonists are "fairies, princesses, treasures, knights...".

Strolling through the San Teodoro district, one can catch the most characteristic and evocative glimpses, the lofty antiquity of the ancient and sturdy castle walls, the breathtaking views of the Lamezia plain and its Gulf, the ancient houses and alleys, the churches and perhaps a few curiosities of its inhabitants who have inherited the memory of a treasure to be preserved, valorised and made known to keep it alive for new generations.

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