Weekend at the Terme Luigiane in Acquappesa

Relaxation and wellness at the Luigiane Thermal Park

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Do routine and work stress you out? Nothing better than treating yourself to a wellness weekend at the Terme Luigiane in Acquappesa, in the province of Cosenza, the thermal park that offers treatments and packages for all needs.

Classified at quality level 1° Super, the Terme Luigiane offer a wide range of curative and relaxing treatments based mainly on the hyperthermal sulphurous type.

Set in a beautiful landscape, the Terme Luigiane are the ideal choice for a relaxing holiday.

Terme Luigiane

The Terme Luigiane complex represents the oldest and best known health resort in Calabria.

Immersed in the Valle di Bagni, whose name immediately refers to the presence of spring and curative pools, they enjoy both the greenery of the woods and the proximity to the Tyrrhenian coast, which is just one kilometre away.

Known since antiquity for their sulphurous properties, so much so that they were mentioned by Pliny the Elder and in an official document signed by San Francesco di Paola (1446), the Terme Luigiane are today a reference point for wellness tourism in Calabria.

Terme Luigiane
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The Terme Luigiane offer both packages for individual treatments and long-term stays, which are intended as true wellness holidays. The first ones are particularly suitable for curing a number of respiratory, bone and epidermic pathologies; the second ones include all the services and comforts of the accommodation, hotel and spa, entertainment and leisure sector.

Terme fanghi
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Those who choose the Terme Luigiane holiday formula know that here they can relax and forget their daily problems, rediscovering their psycho-physical balance.

A natural and peaceful environment that nevertheless opens up to the possibility of practising sports and outdoor activities, as it is only a few steps away from some splendid naturalistic areas, such as the Serra Nicolino Pian d'Albero State Reserve.

Beauty and outdoor spa treatments (gym, water aerobics, wellness centre, free transfer to the beach, etc.) complete the offer of one of the most comprehensive thermal parks in the region.

What to see in Acquappesa and surroundings

The Terme Luigiane fall within the municipality of Acquappesa and are located a short distance from Guardia Piemontese, two places that should definitely be visited during a weekend at the Terme Luigiane.

As its name suggests, Acquappesa (Aqua Pendens) springs from abundant water sources, most of which once descended from the cliff overlooking the town in the form of streams and small waterfalls.

Over time, in addition to its thermal springs, Acquappesa has also become famous for its beautiful beach and the Scoglio della Regina, an iconic symbol of the marina a short distance from the ancient village higher up.

Guardia Piemontese
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Also worth visiting is the village of Guardia Piemontese, an enclave of Occitan culture in Calabria, linked to the presence of the ethnic minority that escaped persecution by the Waldensians in Piedmont.

The mediaeval village is characterised by its stone houses and alleyways, accessed through the ancient Porta del Sangue, whose name evokes the tragic persecutions suffered by the community.

The most interesting place to learn more about the history and culture of the place is the Waldensian Museum, which documents the history and Occitan language, the only one spoken in southern Italy, so much so that it is called Guardiol.

Guardia Piemontese
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