Visit to the Shrine of Mesoraca, the Convent of Ecce Homo

5 things to see and do in Mesoraca (KR) besides the Shrine of SS Ecce Homo
Santuario Ecce Homo Mesoraca interni

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Sites of faith

Among the places of faith in Calabria, the Shrine of Mesoraca, in the municipality of the same name in the province of Crotone, is certainly not to be missed.

A pilgrimage to the Mesoraca Convent is a unique experience, combining the beauty of a place surrounded by nature with spirituality, with particular reference to the adoration of the Ecce Homo of Mesoraca, the prized wooden statue after which the convent is named.

The Shrine of SS Ecce Homo in Mesoraca

The history of the Mesoraca Shrine, immersed in the greenery of a thick forest behind it and a majestic internal vegetable garden, dates back to the ancient presence of Basilian monks in the Crotone area (4th century), although the Mesoraca Convent as we know it today was founded by Franciscan monks in the 15th century.

Two centuries later, when Friar Umile of Petralia arrived in Mesoraca, the Crotonese monastery was given a new impetus: the friar, in fact, was the creator of the precious wooden sculpture of the Holy Ecce Homo of Mesoraca that is still adored by the faithful today.

Santuario Ecce Homo Mesoraca
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Such was the devotion to the statue that the monastery's original name was replaced with the current one of Shrine of SS Ecce Homo. In addition to the sculpture by Friar Umile of Petralia, the Mesoraca Convent houses a series of statues, paintings, frescoes, decorations and sacred furnishings whose beauty alone is worth a visit to this spiritual place.

Among the most renowned works in the Mesoraca Shrine is a cycle of canvases by Cristoforo Sant'Anna in the nave, while the Madonna delle Grazie and two candle-bearing angels in Carrara marble by Antonello Gaggini (1504) stand out on the high altar.

Don't miss a visit to the sacristy, embellished with numerous paintings, the cloister with the well and the ancient walls surrounding the Mesoraca Convent, built by the Altemps during their rule.

Statua Ecce Homo Mesoraca
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What to see in Mesoraca (KR) besides the Ecce Homo Convent

1. The wood of the Mesoraca Convent

The forest in which the Shrine of the SS Ecce Homo of Mesoraca is immersed is part of a lush area rich in natural beauty to be seen during a guided trek or a simple walk in the green.

Bosco Convento Mesoraca
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2. The historical centre and the churches

Mesoraca's town centre bears the fascinating signs of its older history, marked by numerous places of worship in addition to the convent, such as the Mother Church of San Nicola di Bari, the Baroque-style Monumental Church of Ritiro, the Church of the Annunziata and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, with its imposing bell tower.

3. The noble palaces

A tour through the alleyways reveals the grandeur of the ancient noble families who owned the main historical palaces. Built between the 17th and 18th centuries, these private mansions are still the pride of Mesoraca's historical centre, such as Palazzo Stranges, Longobucco and Pollizzi.

There are also numerous ancient watchtowers and the remains of various castles scattered throughout the Mesoraca area.

4. The Civic Museum

Among the places of culture not to be missed in Mesoraca, we recommend a visit to the interesting "Padre Reginaldo Tonin" Civic Museum, in the locality of Filippa, which exhibits relics related to local history, peasant culture and Silan natural history.

5. Festivals and events in Mesoraca

What to do in Mesoraca? Visit the town during its main religious festivals (Ecce Homo, on 8 March and 25 July; St Nicholas, on 6 December; the Good Friday Procession and that of St Michael the Archangel, on 29 September), or during the traditional May Fair and "Veranne in Festa", a food and wine festival in August.

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