The sea in September in Calabria

Three autumn beaches to discover

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Sport and nature

The sea in September in Calabria is a gift from nature to be seized.

Plan your holiday in Calabria in the low season, or treat yourself to a weekend or a trip to the sea in September and discover how pleasant it is to bathe in a warm pool of brilliant colours.

Few people, silence, light as warm as the depths of a clear sea preparing for the autumn evaporation are just some of the good reasons to choose the sea in Calabria in September.

Here are a few tips on some of the most beautiful late-summer spots in a region that extends the beautiful season into late autumn.

Cala Janculla

Nestled between the high cliffs of Monte Sant'Elia and open to the wonderful sea of the Costa Viola, in the province of Reggio Calabria, the small beach of Cala Janculla is an oasis of Mediterranean peace to be enjoyed in absolute relaxation.

Located in the municipality of Seminara, famous for its artistic ceramics and the presence of the important Orthodox Monastery of Saints Elias and Filarete, the beach has been awarded 3 Legambiente Sails over the years for its unspoilt habitat and beautiful landscape.

Cala janculla
Regione Calabria

There are two ways to reach this secret paradise: by land, through the "Tracciolino Path", which descends to the sea from the scenic location of "Tre Croci", in the municipality of Palmi; or by boat, starting for example from nearby Bagnara, along an enchanting route that also offers the possibility of admiring the Turtle Rock, the Grotto of the Angels, the Grotto of San Sebastiano, the Cove of the Monk and the Grotto of the Sirens.

Punta Alice

The long beach of Punta Alice, in the municipality of Cirò Marina, in the province of Crotone, is of a completely different nature.

Punta Alice is a wide beach of fine sand that falls within an area of great archaeological importance for the Middle Ionian Sea in Calabria.

Not far away, in fact, are the remains of the Temple of Apollo Aleo, part of the ancient city of Krimisa, and a little further on, on the edge of the province of Cosenza, those of the National Archaeological Park of Sibari (in the municipality of Cassano all'Ionio).

We are in a spot where the sea is crystal clear and the seabed shallow, ideal for children and amateur snorkellers in all seasons of the year.

Punta Alice
Regione Calabria

One of the most beautiful beaches on this stretch of coastline, Punta Alice stretches to the mouth of the Neto River, a wetland of great naturalistic importance, inhabited by herons that add a touch of magic to the warm September days.

It is inevitable in these parts to greet the end of summer with an excellent glass of Cirò CDO wine overlooking the sea, taking advantage of the presence in the area of the many wineries producing the prized local wine.

Villapiana Lido

The beach of Villapiana Lido (municipality of Villapiana) stretches along the Alto Ionio cosentino, the third destination we suggest to those who dream of the sea in Calabria in September.

The beach alternates stretches of fine sand with areas of pebbles and stones, to satisfy all tastes.

The seabed slopes gently, allowing children to bathe safely and adults to experience dives of varying difficulty.

A lush pine forest runs along the beach at Villapiana Lido, offering shady areas for relaxation between dips and a picnic area for those who wish to have lunch on the beach.

Regione Calabria

Ideal for families, Villapiana's beach has large free stretches and lidos equipped with every comfort, guaranteeing their services even in the low season.

Along the coast, a short distance away, you can admire Capo Saraceno Tower, the cylindrical Aragonese tower that was part of the Calabrian coastal defence system against Saracen pirates, conceived by King Charles V.

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