Skiing in Gambarie d'Aspromonte, between sport and nature

Where to ski in Calabria with a sea view in the Aspromonte National Park

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Sport and nature

Where to ski in Calabria while looking at the sea? At Gambarie d'Aspromonte, the Calabrian ski resort that gives you the thrill of downhill skiing while admiring the Aeolian Islands.

A mountain hamlet of the municipality of Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, in the province of Reggio Calabria, this ski resort is among the most popular in the region and offers fun and services for a skiing week in Gambarie for groups of friends and families.

Skiing in Gambarie d'Aspromonte

Ready to strap on your skis in the snowy heart of the Aspromonte National Park? We are in the centre of an area suspended between woods, sea and a series of Greeks' villages all waiting to be discovered.

The first ski resort in southern Italy, the mountain resort of Gambarie d'Aspromonte was born in 1956 in a naturalistic area of great value. Since that distant day, skiing in Gambarie has become a fixed appointment for Calabrians and tourists who reach the resort from all over Italy to "ski overlooking the sea".

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What does Gambarie d'Aspromonte offer skiing and other winter sports enthusiasts?

About 600 beds in the various hotels equipped with spas and gourmet restaurants, as well as the availability of accommodation in private homes.

The Gambarie ski resort is served by 4 chairlifts and 1 ski lift that go up Monte Scirocco and Monte Nardello. A two-seater chairlift connects Piazzale Mangeruca in the town centre to Monte Scirocco (1660 metres).

The alpine ski slopes cater for all tastes: one black, three red and one blue slope wind along suggestive panoramic points, reaching as far as the Strait of Messina.

Don't know how to ski? No problem! In Gambarie you can practice many other snow sports for enthusiasts and beginners.

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For example, you can try one of the many snowshoe trails, try your hand at the simpler cross-country skiing or enjoy a wildlife-watching trek through the forests of the Aspromonte National Park, in search of the typical white-bellied black squirrel.

Other attractions for young and old include the Aspropark, a fun nature adventure park, and the Gambarie Bike Park, which allows visitors to experience the park on mountain bikes all year round.

Gambarie, what to see and do

All these features make Gambarie d'Aspromonte a mountain destination for all tastes and in constant dialogue with the coast.

The village of Santo Stefano in Aspromonte is worth a visit. It is linked to the Risorgimento uprisings, so much so that every year, on 29 August, it commemorates the first historic exit of the Tricolour in the village (1847) with the Flag Festival.

Things to see around Gambarie include the ancient Hermitage of San Silvestro, a Byzantine-era cavity with an ovoid dome, the remains of the Abbey of San Giovanni in Castagneto and the famous Shrine of the Madonna di Polsi.

A very interesting cultural itinerary concerns the discovery of the Greeks' villages (where the ancient Greek of Calabria is spoken) and the nearby ghost towns, abandoned but still full of charm and mystery.

Santuario di Polsi
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During your skiing week in Gambarie, don't miss tasting the typical specialities of Aspromonte cuisine.

The Calabrian mountain tradition in these parts exalts dishes based on mushrooms and hunting, cheeses and local meats, such as Caprino d'Aspromonte and Suino Nero of Calabria, both with the PAT (Traditional Food Products) mark.

The perfect time to sample the goodness of Gambarie? The Gastronomic Autumn, a gourmet festival during which the mouth-watering Feast of Home-made Macaroni takes place.

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