A trip to Monterosso Calabro, among the Serre Vibonesi

From the ancient village walls with the Museum of Rural Civilisation to the paths on Lake Angitola

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Art and Culture

The charm of Monterosso Calabro, a small village nestled in the Angitola Valley, is already written in its name, due to the suggestive red glow that illuminates the hillside in the hours before sunset.

And this is certainly not the only peculiarity of a town rich in history and culture. From here, at a glance, you can embrace two seas, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian, Lake Angitola and, if you are lucky, even Stromboli sometimes appears in the same frame. When the profile of Mount Etna peeps out, enchantment is assured.

All that remains is to park the car and embark on an extraordinary journey, starting from the ancient walls of the village.

What to see in Monterosso Calabro

The traces of the past are the path to follow to discover Monterosso Calabro, moving along narrow, labyrinthine streets connected by characteristic stone arches that reflect the influence of Arab architecture.

One can get lost among the scents of the alleys, among churches and ancient palaces with sumptuous stone portals that frame the heart of the town, pause in front of the elegant Scala dei Leoni and the Norman-era watchtower that dominates the town. The ruins of the Addolorata Church in contrada Condolima, silent stones that have survived the earthquakes of past centuries, pierce the sky.

Monterosso Calabro
Regione Calabria

Also worth a visit is the Museum of Farming and Craftsmen's Civilisation, where evidence of a vanished world that is the essence of the history of the area is collected. The museum rooms are divided into thematic areas: from the tools of agricultural and artisan life to objects made from wood, from terracotta to textiles.

In Monterosso Calabro there were oil mills and mills, the town was famous for flax processing: witness to this are the two ancient spinning mills (one of which houses the Museum), now silent and deserted, once vital and industrious. Like the industrial archaeological area with its ruins of production buildings, places that have a fascinating story to tell visitors. Until the second half of the 20th century, in fact, right here there was a graphite mine where hundreds of local miners were employed, travelling to work on bicycles provided by the Pinerolo company.

What to do in Monterosso Calabro

Monterosso Calabro falls within the Serre Vibonesi territory and in these parts nature is powerful and generous. After visiting the town and experiencing the typical flavours, the National Park and Lake Angitola will therefore be unmissable stops for those who want to breathe deeply, strolling through the greenery, surprising the animals as they move freely in their environment: from the red herons that station in the waters of the lake, to the deer or fallow deer that move stealthily in the ravines of the Park.

Kalabria Coast to Coast
Kalabria Coast to Coast

The WWF Oasis of Lake Angitola is part of the Regional Park of the Serre, is a wetland of international importance and represents a fundamental stopover for migratory birds, as the lake is on the route of the species that cross Calabria in spring and autumn.

The birdlife around the lake numbers more than 130 bird species and it is not difficult, during migration periods, to spot not only red herons but also hawks, bee-eaters, cormorants and, of course, the lake's emblematic bird, the elegant Great Crested Grebe. Paths and equipped trails immersed in greenery make for a pleasant walk amidst the scent of myrtle, colourful strawberry trees and delicate heather flowers.

Lago Angitola
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