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Angitola Lake is an artificial lake that lies in the municipalities of Maierato and Monterosso Calabro (VV). It occupies an area of about 1,96 square kilometers and is located in the extreme south of the Plains of St. Euphemia. In 1975 the area of the Lake has been recognized as a "Natural Oasis" and entrusted to manage the WWF Calabria. Since 1985 it has been called "Wetland of International Importance". The area of the Lake, although not contiguous to it, falls within the perimeter of the Regional Natural Park of the Serre. 

The vegetation surrounding the Lake is mostly made up of olive groves and Mediterranean; there is also a strip of reforestation in Aleppo Pine; and along the banks there are specimens of black poplar, straws cattails, white willow, alder, eucalyptus and cork oak. The area attracts many species of birds, including: osprey, marsh harriers, herons, mallards and Mediterranean gull.

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P6MP+VC, Maierato
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