A day at Strongoli amid sea, history and gourmet tastings

The historic centre, Strongoli Marina and the Dattilo Restaurant (1 Michelin Star)

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Food and wine

An idea for an out-of-town trip to the sea, history and good food? A day in Strongoli, in the province of Crotone, is just what you need.

From the historic centre to Strongoli Marina, passing by the Dattilo Restaurant in Strongoli, relaxation and gourmet tastings are assured.

The ancient settlement, set on a panoramic hill a few kilometres from the Ionian coast, is an irresistible lure for those who wish to combine the beauty of the sea and the hinterland in a single day.

Visit to Strongoli and Strongoli Marina

Strongoli enjoys a strategic location in a very agriculturally productive area. Surrounded by Mediterranean maquis and kissed by the sunrise over the Ionian Sea, it offers visitors all the charm of a typical "terrace on the sea".

To the south, the Neto Valley separates the Strongoli territory from that of Crotone and creates a unique ecosystem with the river mouth, a protected oasis with a great variety of migratory flora and fauna.

Climbing the historic centre of Strongoli, which seems to overlap with the settlement of ancient Petelia founded by the Trojans and home of the hero Philoctetes, one admires the agricultural landscape in all its beauty.

Reaching the top of the hill, the ruins of the ancient fortress of Strongylòn (from the Greek, "round") tell us the Byzantine and medieval history of the village, which fortified itself against Saracen raids and then became the seat of the diocese, as can be seen from the 16th-century Bishop's Palace.

Strongoli Castle, dating from the Justinian period, has four corner towers and was renovated by King Joachim Murat after the 1783 earthquake. Among the sacred buildings to visit are the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, rich in paintings, frescoes, furnishings and epigraphs of great value, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (14th century), equally rich in works of art, and the Shrine of the Madonna di Vergadoro, in a panoramic position overlooking the sea.

Strongoli Cattedrale
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A gem for archaeology enthusiasts in the hamlet of Strongoli Marina? The so-called ″Tesauro Stone″, one of five Roman mausoleums in Calabria (at Santi Quaranta), which tradition identifies as the tomb of Consul Claudius Marcellus.

Another important bulwark of the ancient world, to be admired along the coast and Strongoli Lungomare, is the Limena Tower, part of the efficient system of coastal towers put in place by Charles V against Saracen raids.

Strongoli Marina
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Where to eat? At the Michelin-starred Dattilo Restaurant in Strongoli

Not only history, archaeology and nature areas! Lovers of good food cannot leave this place without stopping at the Dattilo Restaurant in Strongoli, aka the Ceraudo estate (where you can stay), immersed in an eden of vineyards, olive groves and citrus orchards that stretch all the way to the coast.

Within the estate there is the Dattilo Restaurant, which we highlight as one of the 6 starred restaurants in Calabria (1 Michelin Star). The chef-enologist, Caterina Ceraudo, uses 0-km products from the family estate, treating them in a unique way in the encounter between tradition and innovation.

The rural yet refined atmosphere conciliates the tasting of the courses, offered in two tasting menus: Vêrë (7 courses) and Dattilo (12 courses), paired with fine Ceraudo wines.

Ristorante Dattilo
Dattilo - Studio Brambilla Serrani


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