vivere slow

Living slow

Calabria is historically a land of emigration. For many years it has seen its inland villages emptying out, in a slow process of abandonment. For some time now, this trend seems to be reversing: many young people have returned to their roots, renewing old trades and inventing new lifestyles

If you are looking for an experiential holiday dedicated to "slow living", Calabria's authentic villages have a lot to offer. From small towns that have been reborn around the ancient Byzantine art of silk-making (San Floro - CZ and Mendicino - CS), to villages where "good living" has become a school and it has been practised for a hundred years, such as Bivongi (RC), via the villages of hospitality (Riace, RC) and those revitalised by foreigners who have chosen them as their "buen retiro" (Badolato, CZ).

Small jewels set in the Calabrian Apennines have been reborn thanks to the accommodation solution of "hotel villages", which welcome you as a true "temporary inhabitant", an integral part of the community and its slow-paced life.

Finally, Calabria is waiting with open arms for the new generations of emigrant children, the so-called "returning tourists", to tell them about the roots and experiences of grandparents and great-grandparents who were forced to leave their homeland forever.

Scopri una terra ricca di storia e bellezza!

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