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Apr 2, 2022 7:40 AM

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Amici/Solo coppia

June is not only the time of the first baths and Sunday outings, it is also the month of Infiorate: events that every year attract thousands of tourists and curious to see the work of the masters of artistic design on the ground, characters now become famous throughout the world. For a few days the streets of the historic centers are transformed into small open-air museums, a riot of color in a great feast of people. On the occasion of the celebrations of Corpus Christi in many countries of Calabria is competing to organize the most beautiful works of art made exclusively with flowers, sand, wood and natural elements.

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During the itinerary there will be plenty of opportunities to taste the famous red onion of Tropea Igp, which is produced in the whole surrounding area, including Briatico and Taurianova. Another product of excellence that abounds in the territory is the famous 'Nduja di Spilinga, a soft sausage with an extremely spicy taste.

Stop 1 - Briatico

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The Infiorata of Potenzoni is a triumph of flowers and perfumes. On the occasion of the religious feast of Corpus Domini, in fact, the village comes alive through the traditional Infiorata that involves all four districts of the small hamlet: Agave, Glicine, Torre and Chiesa. Streets, alleys and small squares of Potenzoni are set up and decorated with hundreds of floral carpets, representing icons and religious symbols, then destroyed by the passage of the Procession of the Most Holy. The Infiorata of Potenzoni has become a real cultural and artistic manifestation that attracts, from all the regions of Italy and not only, many curious and tourists. The event involves the whole town and therefore identifies the community of Potenzoni and the original and by now historicized way in which one of the most important religious feasts of the calendar is lived: the Corpus Domini.

Floral works are the result of a delicate and difficult work that requires weeks and even months from many people. For the realization of the infiorate you go through the preliminary stages, important and demanding, which include the search and collection of flowers and then the selection and storage of petals. Numerous teams of flower arrangers disperse through the countryside, in the middle of nature in search of flowers, from which they separate the petals according to color. This is a special moment that unites the community and, at the same time, gives life to a healthy competition. In fact, the four districts of Potenzoni compete for the most beautiful work.

Stop 2 - Taurianova

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The Infiorata of Taurianova is by now rooted in the city and it is considered an event that has succeeded in creating synergy among the various local realities in the supreme interest of the raising of the socio-artistic quality of Taurianova. The inseparable link with the places of childhood is the dominant theme that inspires the organizers of the local floral world, to capture the essence of what surrounds them and to climb the steep mountain of emancipation from sad stories that have rarefied that pure air in which resides instead the true character of the inhabitants of Calabria.

The expanse of flowers that inebriates the atmosphere of the Infiorate of Taurianova, born from the close collaboration with the master flower arrangers of Noto and that avails itself of the precious contribution of the art coming from Palmi and Potenzoni, is enriched every year of new particularities, that make the event more and more interesting for tourists and curious people. The importation of new decorative techniques, contributes to increase the intensity of the light of beauty traced by the Infiorata of Taurianova, symbol of the city and of the population.

Stop 3 - Reggio di Calabria

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The flowering of Corpus Christi which takes place in Gallico, in front of the Church of Mary of Portosalvo, has now become an event of institutional scope. A large floral carpet stretches in front of the facade of the church, created with the participation of many locals and with a quality worthy of the great national infiorate. The long procession of the Procession arrives to lap the Infiorata, with great attention to respect the route of the floral path. At the end of the ceremonies, around midnight, everyone present is allowed to walk on the carpet of flowers.

Stop 4 - Siderno

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The Infiorata of Siderno Superiore has been started since few years but it has already reached a remarkable relevance. In Siderno the consistent sections covered with works of art are inside the churches, in the central aisles and among the pews. The particular beauty of the village is further enhanced with a distribution of flowers and religious ornamental accessories relevant. Practically, all the balconies are adorned with an embroidered damask or sheet, all the doors and windows equipped with vases, candles, lanterns and holy cards. Two are the town spaces where the floral production is concentrated, with remarkable aesthetic peaks: the Belvedere of Piazza San Nicola and Piazza Cavone. A wonderful ornamental frame of damask and sheets from windows and balconies, flowers everywhere, posters of biblical quotes and the Gospel on the walls.

Stop 5 - Monasterace

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From some years also Monasterace has joined the group of the countries that realize Infiorata, with works of great artistic quality, even if of contained measure and distributed on the territory. Along the route of the Procession, stretches of road are covered with petals by lidos, businesses or simple citizens, while from many balconies are exposed blankets and tablecloths of great value finely embroidered. 

The most significant moment is when the officiating pastor steps on the floral mantle, an event that occurs just prior to entering the church. Very intense minutes for the overall suggestion of the context between colors and shapes of the creations, including songs, harmonious buzz, ecstatic faces.