Food & Wine

Calabria takes you by the palate. The typical dishes win you over with the authenticity of their ingredients, which speak the ancient and familiar language of the farmer, the fisherman and the shepherd. 

A language that does not renounce innovation and also puts the creativity of no less than 7 Michelin-starred restaurants on the plate, where the young starred chefs, heirs to the best Calabrian tradition, know how to pamper the most demanding palates.

Not just 'nduja, soppressata and spicy chilli peppers in this 'Extraordinary Calabria': 13 PDO and 6 PGI products, from the Red Onion of Tropea to Liquorice of Rossano, from Bergamot of Reggio Calabria to Pecorino of Monte Poro, passing through Caciocavallo and Patata Silana, Stocco and Sardella and other extraordinary local citrus fruits, such as the clementines and citrons of the Riviera of the same name.

Calabria gives you the fragrance of its homemade bread and extra virgin olive oil. Last but non least? Figs from Cosenza, nougat from Bagnara and truffles from Pizzo.

All you need to toast is a good glass of Cirò DOC or one of the many versions of the prized Calabrian grape varieties, among the most appreciated in the world (Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Greco, Zibibbo, among the most representative).

Discover a land rich in history and beauty!

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