"Il Telaio" Literary Prize 2023

"Il Telaio" Literary Prize in Rombiolo on 23 September 2023.
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Sep 23, 2023




Prizes and Competitions

When one speaks of artistic craftsmanship in general, and of Calabrian craftsmanship in particular, what comes primarily to mind is certainly the art of weaving, which is as old as the world, because it draws its very origin from the need to satisfy one of the primary material needs, such as that of covering oneself, to defend oneself from sudden changes in temperature and atmospheric events.

The art and culture prize known as "Il Telaio" (The Loom) was established to recall the deep connection of the territory of the Municipality of Rombiolo with the art of weaving, a centuries-old tradition that is still alive and has remained intact over time, to anthropologically and symbolically reaffirm the meaning and value of "weaving": the relations between individuals, the territory and the people, fundamental for a democratic civilisation, emblematically expressed through the etymological reference to the "text" (textus) that gave life to art and culture, indicating, at the same time, the origin of a tradition and the identity of the individual and the link with the territory.

For the municipal administration, the establishment of the "Il Telaio" award was an important phase in its administrative work, through which it was able to express the spirit and highlight the purposes with which it was possible to create the conditions for spreading the human and cultural principles and values that are essential for the ethical-civil growth of Calabrian society and especially of our new generations.

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