luoghi della fede

Sites of faith

A land of spiritual guides, theologians, philosophers, Saints and hermits. Calabria is criss-crossed by places of peace, often in the midst of nature and accessible by special paths. First and foremost, there is the Way of St Francis of Paola, the patron Saint of the region, which leads to the wonderful Sanctuary set in the countryside.

The places of faith include those linked to Gioacchino da Fiore (Cammino Gioachimita) and Tommaso Campanella, which touch, respectively, on places in the Catanzaro and Cosenza Sila and the Stilaro valley, including ancient abbeys and places of worship such as the small Cattolica di Stilo (RC), a jewel and symbol of Byzantine and Italo-Greek monasticism in Calabria, together with the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis (Bivongi, RC) and the Pathirion of Rossano (CS).

The path of faith crosses the green heart of Calabria to meet the Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno (VV), founded in the year 1000 by Saint Bruno of Cologne (founder of the Order), one of the few still active in Italy. 

There are many sanctuaries and cathedrals, above all the Cathedral of Cosenza - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - and the small country parish churches that meet from north to south, intertwining the rites of the Orthodox East with those of the Waldensians and the hermitage in caves. 

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