Valli Cupe Nature Reserve


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Located at the foot of the Silano Plateau, the Valli Cupe are considered among the most fascinating and beautiful natural sites of the Catanzarese Presila. The natural area boasts several waterfalls up to 100 m (Campanaro Waterfall, Rupe Waterfall), canyons and niches of biodiversity of great biological importance (Felcetta Lanosa, Pteride of Crete). In Sila Piccola, near Sersale, stand some real geological monuments (Valli Cupe, Barbaro, Timpe Rosse, Inferno, Melissaro, Razzone and Gole of Crocchio). Equally impressive are many monoliths, which form a small universe: the Stone of Ruvazzo (dialect name for robin), for example, is an eco-museum full of engravings of 1600, related to the history of banditry; of similar importance is the monolith known as Petra Aggìallu, about 18 meters high. The morphology is characterized by gorges and ravines that descend cliffs hundreds of feet; flora includes numerous monumental trees of the primeval forest of Sila, such as the famous "Giant" (Good Giant and Giant of Melitani), chestnut trees of about 500 years with logs with a diameter of 10 m, and breadfruit. Very interesting also the visit of the ancient villages included within the area: Sersale (craft center), Zagarise (Norman tower), Cerva (museum of the chestnut and ceramics), and places full of legends like Borgo Marcaglione, the Monastery of "Three Saints Children" and Barbaro.

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2P6H+8X, Sersale
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