Trisulina Cave


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In Papaglionti, near Zungri, is the Trisulina Cave, dug out of tufa and found a nymph of a Roman Villa. The Cave is buried in three sides and is divided into two aisles by four arches that rest on five pillars that make up a crypto-portico. It takes up the typical architecture from the Roman house with two courtyards. The entrance is by two side stairs, the two main ramps and the secondary in a single flight. 

Inside, you can admire marble Corinthian capitals, capitals with palmettes and remains of granite columns. Although many believe that this is a house of luxury, actually the Trisulina Cave was the ancient Temple of St. Rosalia, one of the few testimonies of the Roman presence in the Augustian period in Calabria. The Cave is located on top of a hill, about 500 meters above sea level.

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J2R8+FV, Zungri
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