Prince's Castle



Oct 23, 2023 9:11 AM

The Prince's Castle is a square building of the XIV-XVI century, probably built by the counts of Sangineto and subsequently passed to the Sanseverino. Located near the coast, the Castle is closed by massive perimeter walls and four cylindrical towers with battlements, which was accessed through a drawbridge (now replaced by a wooden bridge). Built on a natural base, it was accessed from the north side by a monumental arch; while, on the other side, opens a gallery in the Renaissance style. 

In the courtyard, a double staircase leads to the upper floors: inside there are the Courtyard of Arms, with a small building guard, and a second courtyard with a central olive tree planted by the Austrian prisoners on Armistice Day (November 4, 1918). The property includes cellars, stables, a chapel and a Hall of Ceremonies, upstairs. Abandoned for a long time, part of the structure is now home to one of the most popular nightlife.

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