Convent of San Francesco di Paola



Oct 18, 2023 1:24 PM

The Convent of St Francis of Paola was built in 1617 on the ruins of the monastery of the brotherhood of Santa Maria della Pietra. The architectural complex with a rectangular base is placed on a stone of considerable size. A popular legend tells that it was really San Francesco di Paola to insist, against the will of the labourers, to move  repeatedly materials for the placement of cornerstone on the boulder. Under the structure there is also a tunnel of thirthy metres, called “Lamia”. 

Inside there are still two old drinking trough, powered by a source of fresch water clear , where in ancient times donkeys found solace after the work near to the mountains. In 1799 was built an old watermill used by friars. All the structure , in time,  has suffered enormous damages. Recently restructured, it was doomed as a cultural center for host concerts, theater performances, conferences, meetings, and private ceremonies. The Convent hosts the municipal library of Cosenza and is the current seat of the restoration school  “C.O.R.E”.

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