Convent of San Domenico


Place of worship

The Convent of San Domenico, in Soriano Calabro, was built in 1838 on the site of one of the cloisters of the seventeenth-century monastery of the same name, in ruins after the earthquake of 1783, it has late Baroque architecture. Inside is a statue of St. Dominic carved from a single trunk of lime by the sculptor Giuseppe Ruffo, in 1855. 

In the adjacent former convent of the Dominican fathers, rebuilt in a wing of the convent, is to the Town Hall of Soriano Calabro and a collection of artifacts of the ancient building. The former Convent of the Dominican Fathers was made up of five cloisters; the church was long and had four spans six side chapels. The remains more consistent refer to the bottom of the front of the Baroque church, while remaining all structures up to the height of the ground floor. The entire complex has been the subject of a restoration after the Second World War.

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