Capo dell'Armi Lighthouse and Promontory


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Oct 24, 2023 10:34 AM

A characteristic of the rocky promontory on which stands the lighthouse of Capo dell'Armi (or Capo d'Armi) are its quarries of Pietra Reggina, also known as Pietra di Lazzàro or Leucopetra, from Greek "white stone". On the cliff stands the Lighthouse, which establishes the south-eastern boundary of Strait of Messina and is the first light at the entrance to Channel of Sicily. The promontory is archeologically relevant thanks to the discovery of numerous traces of the presence of the first Christians. 

Near Capo dell'Armi also came to light the remains of a Roman villa that probably belonged to the patrician Publio Valerio, also mentioned by Cicero, and a stele with Latin inscriptions from the imperial era. Activated in 1867 and renovated in 1959, the Lighthouse of Capo dell'Armi consists of an octagonal white tower on a two-storey building.

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