Unpublished narratives for a distinctive Calabria

Presented at the BIT in Milan the "Calabria Straordinaria" manual on MIDs (Markers - Identity - Distinctives) with Orsomarso, Pappalardo and Pappaterra.


Apr 11, 2022 4:43 PM

MILAN, 11 APRIL 2022 – “Unpublished narratives for a distinctive Calabria” is the title of the event held today at the "Calabria Straordinaria" stand at the BIT in Milan 2022, during which the book MIDs (Markers - Identity - Distinctives), a strategic manual for the development of tourism in Calabria, was presented. The meeting was attended by Fausto Orsomarso, Councillor for Tourism and Marketing of the Calabria Region; Sandro Pappalardo, Member of the Board of ENIT; Domenico Pappaterra, President of the Pollino National Park. MIDs (Distinctive Identity Markers) are an element of the natural, historical, artistic and cultural heritage that uniquely, identifiably and distinctively characterise the territory of Calabria. Pythagoras is a MID, for example, as is Joachim of Fiore, but so are the Bronze Statues of Riace (this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the statues in the Museum of Reggio Calabria), Bergamot or, for example, Pitta M'pigliata. «Regional tourism communication – explained the Calabria Region's Councillor for Tourism, Fausto Orsomarso – is at the same time a project to rewrite the regional tourism narrative on the basis of its distinctive identity markers (MIDs), which serve to vindicate our history and promote a new international positioning of this land, to be made into a destination for travellers (corresponding to the different types of tourism) 365 days a year». «Identity markers – added the Regional Councillor for Tourism – represent the most interesting and usable added value for each territory in terms of building and sharing a core storytelling, aimed at reinforcing the attractive and emotional capacity and positioning strategies of any tourist destination».

«Therefore – Orsomarso emphasised – all that is needed is a greater ability to reorganise oneself and greater self-esteem and knowledge of one's own distinctive identity. It would be enough to look through the eyes of the tourists». «The Region of Calabria is doing an extraordinary job – commented Sandro Pappalardo, Member of the Board of ENIT – I know Calabria perhaps better than other regions and if you visit it, it is a real surprise. There are things you can't really imagine, you are strongly impressed. I believe that if you take a holiday in Calabria you leave with images, scents and colours that make you love it forever. I am sure that Calabria and its territory can be the master and must know how to advertise itself as you are doing with this excellent promotion». For Domenico Pappaterra, President of the Pollino National Park «we have all the requirements and ingredients to be successful in tourism. The MIDs represent the material and immaterial symbols that the Region has had the courage to identify. There is no doubt that they are fundamental for a distinctive offer of our regional tourism».