Uber arrives in Calabria: what it is and how it works

Efficient and integrated mobility? Uber in Calabria, here's how it works

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Getting around has never been easier in Calabria!

Uber in Calabria is the efficient and integrated mobility service that was missing, thanks to which all Calabrians and tourists can move comfortably from one place to another in the region, reaching airports and stations.

Uber Calabria is the additional option that was missing to make regional mobility citizen-friendly, all the more so in light of the newly introduced air routes (including the convenient direct flight Lamezia Terme-Toronto). 

What is Uber? With over 150 million active users and more than one million rides worldwide, Uber is the private car transport service accessed through a mobile application that connects passengers and drivers directly, without intermediaries, and allows the location of the booked car to be geolocated in real time.

Uber has been present in Italy since 2013 and is now also available in Calabria.

What are Uber's active services in Calabria? Let's get on board and find out together! 

Uber Black and Uber Van in Calabria

A guarantee of quality and efficiency, Uber offers all Calabrians and tourists in transit in the region two types of service: Uber Black Calabria and Uber Van Calabria. Let's discover together what they consist of and what opportunities they offer the user.

Both Uber services in Calabria are operated in the NCC (Rental with Driver) formula through the dedicated Uber app, which once downloaded offers various functions: choosing the model of car you want, knowing the price of the ride in advance, having information on the driver, sharing the cost of the ride with other users, viewing the route of your journey, knowing in real time where the chosen car is and obtaining assistance in case of need.

To these basic functionalities are added further advantages, such as the anonymity of the service, thanks to which passengers and drivers can contact each other by phone or chat without sharing their number.

How do the Uber Black Calabria and Uber Van Calabria services differ?

The first one ("deluxe" version), in addition to the comfort and elegance of the typical black sedan, provides passengers with the possibility of selecting their preferences in advance with regard to luggage to take on board, how to talk to the driver and the temperature inside the vehicle.

Recently added was the Guest Ride feature, thanks to which it is also possible to book a car for an acquaintance, relative or friend.

The second service, Uber Van (or UberXL), allows you to rent vans for group travel with ultra-spacious solutions.

Uber in Calabria: how it works

Booking your Uber car in Calabria is easy!

Here's how the Uber Calabria app works...

Imagine you arrive in Calabria, at Lamezia Terme International Airport or Lamezia Terme Centrale Station (the region's main railway hub), what's the first thing you do to get around independently?

Download the Uber app in Calabria. And then?

  1. Open the app and enter the destination in the "Where to?" field.
  2. Confirm your departure and arrival point (destination).
  3. Select the Uber service in Calabria that suits you (Black or Van) at the bottom of the screen and "Confirm".
  4. Uber will find the available partner driver for your journey in real time (you will be able to view his or her photo, vehicle details, travel arrangements and monitor the vehicle's arrival on the map).
  5. When the vehicle arrives, before boarding, check that the details match those on the app (the sent partner driver already knows your destination and the quickest route, but you can always give him an alternative route).
  6. Upon arrival, you will be automatically charged using the payment method you have set.
  7. You will be able to rate the driver and the journey, contributing with your review to improve Uber services.

Everything clear? All that remains is to wish you a pleasant journey with Uber in Calabria!


Last update: Jun 26, 2024 2:52 PM