Tourism and sport

Deseasonalising the tourist offer in Calabria through a calendar of 20 non-professional competitive events.


Feb 16, 2024 11:26 AM

Deseasonalising the tourist offer in Calabria through a calendar of 20 non-professional competitive events. From skiing to padel, from kitesurfing to tennis: enthusiasts of different sports will arrive from all the Italian regions and they will have the opportunity to discover Calabria thanks to the events that will be realised with the contributions of the call for Major Tourist Events of a Sporting Nature promoted by the Region of Calabria.

The meeting between the Region's Councillor for Tourism, Fausto Orsomarso, and the representatives of the proposing associations made it possible to define a single, integrated programme of events that will increase tourist flows in the low season.

ports tourism is able to generate an enormous induced activity for the economy of our region: "In Calabria - explains councillor Orsomarso - we have the sun 340 days a year, which is why we must aim to have presences well beyond the months of July and August. Tourism generated a GDP of 12% before Covid, our goal is to reach 20-25% so as to multiply stable job opportunities."

Many tourists also like to practise sport during their holidays, an element that ensures a longer stay in tourist resorts.
Many are the villages and towns that will host the events: Cassano allo Ionio, Scalea, Corigliano-Rossano, Cosenza, Amantea, Acquappesa, Rende, Cetraro, Lamezia Terme, Catanzaro, Gizzeria, Reggio Calabria, San Giorgio Morgeto, Isola di Capo Rizzuto and Crotone.

The calendar of sporting events taking place in Calabria, which started in May and will end next February, aims precisely at expanding the tourist offer to make the region even more attractive.


  • From 27 to 29 May in Cassano allo Ionio "Aeroclub Sibari Fly"
  • From 2 to 6 June in Scalea "Ass. Prom. Sociale e Turistica Ver.Ten Eventi Ass. Sportiva Dilettantistica"
  • From 2 to 5 June in Reggio Calabria "Comitato Reg.P.G.S. Calabria"
  • From 9 to 12 June in Corigliano-Rossano "Sapienza Kite Surf ass. sportiva Dilettantistica"
  • From 13 to 18 June in Vibo Valentia "Feder. It. Volleyball Regional Committee"
  • From 30 June to 3 July in Lamezia Terme "Circolo dello Scherma Lamentino"
  • From 1 to 3 July in Cosenza "ASD AQA"
  • From 3 to 6 July in Reggio Calabria "Comitato Reg.P.G.S."
  • From 29 August to 5 September in Acquappesa "Polisportiva Acquappesa ASD"
  • From 5 to 10 September in Rende "Centro Sportivo Scorpion Health Club"
  • From 9 to 11 September in Rende "Polisportiva Olimpia ASD"
  • September in Lamezia Terme "ASD Seila Beach Sport"
  • From 9 to 11 September in Amantea "ASD Beach&Volley"
  • On 11 September at Hang Loose Beach in Gizzeria "Circolo vico Hang Loose Ass. Sportiva Dilettantistica"
  • From 16 to 18 September in Cosenza "Comitato prov. Endas Calabria"
  • From 26 September to 2 October in Cetraro "Golf Club San Michele Ass. Sportiva Dilettantistica"
  • From 27 October to 2 November in Reggio Calabria "New Sport Academy Ass. Promoz. Soc. Sportiva ASD"
  • From 30 October to 1 November in Scalea "Ass. Prom. Social and Tourism Ver.Ten Eventi Ass. Sportiva Dilettantistica'
  • October, November and December in San Giorgio Morgeto "Ass. Promoz. Italia ETS"
  • From 9 to 15 December in Isola di Capo Rizzuto "Ass. Leonardo Da Vinci"
  • From 17 to 21 February in Crotone "Club Velico Crotone ASD"