Distinctive Identity Markers (MID) - Extraordinary Calabria

Calabria Extraordinary and MID: a new experimental design model
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Apr 8, 2022 10:37 AM

"Calabria has something that elsewhere in the world does not exist, in any form: a widespread heritage of many distinctive identity markers that make it, in fact, a unique and unrepeatable experience, usable and exciting in all months of the year".

This is what the Regional Councilor for Tourism, Fausto Orsomarso said, presenting the "Extraordinary Calabria" project and the new experimental approach to a type of design that starts from the so-called "identity markers" that characterize the territories.

"The Calabria Extraordinary project starts from here, from this real paradigm reversal in the awareness and planning of tourism: a new framework and institutional mission that the Calabria Region wants to communicate and share first of all internally, directly involving all the territories as the main protagonists of a small Copernican revolution in the rewriting of the emotional storytelling of this land and of its national and international reputation" - says Orsomarso, intending to launch a real process - "of national and international repositioning of the overall image of the region".

The strategic communication project and the repositioning of the overall image of the region provides for the progressive rewriting of the experiential and unprecedented storytelling, based on the method of Distinctive Identity Markers (MID), some elements characterizing the naturalistic, historical, artistic, cultural and food and wine of Calabria, measurable according to official parameters.

This is the primary ambition: overcoming the tourist clichés and related public policies implemented up to now. The internal and external communication plan will therefore focus on the distinctive regional appeal and on a unitary, coherent storytelling, based on the networking and capitalization of a regional heritage made up of MID and EID (Distinctive Identity Events), usable and expendable 365 days a year.

Functional and preparatory to the realization of the project, the survey commissioned by the Region to the Demoskopika Research Institute on the Calabria destination, focused on the analysis of the tourist trends and consumption of Italians, from which it emerged that 93.9% of Italians who went to Calabria for a holiday would go back again.

The Charter of the 100 MID, which emerged from the application of the study model, is the starting point for the development of the new territorial marketing project used for regional tourist-cultural signs and for the identification of classifiable events (EID).

A challenge of the "glocal", one that is played at home, through the unprecedented enhancement of internal communication, offline and the image of a land that has remained virtually unexplored.