Cibus: showcasing the extraordinary Calabria of taste



May 5, 2022 2:15 PM

The companies on the Calabrian regional stand won over the public of operators and visitors to the international Made in Italy fair. All crazy for Calabria and its food identities. At Cibus in Parma, the 22 companies featured on "Calabria Straordinaria" stand - promoted by the Calabria Region's Department for Tourism and Territorial Marketing and headed by Councillor Fausto Orsomarso - won over the public and sector operators. 

At the reference event for Italian agri-food, scheduled until 6 May, the best of Calabrian food identity is promoted in show cooking by chefs Niccolò Ganci, a recent graduate of the Alma Academy, and Gianluca Ganci.

Traditional Calabrian pasta and sauces, the fruit of knowledge handed down from generation to generation, Monte Poro pecorino (recently awarded the PDO mark), 'nduja from Spilinga and the red onion from Tropea, icons of Calabria at the table. But also the citron from the Riviera dei Cedri, so dear to the rabbis who come to Calabria every year to pick the most beautiful fruit to be used in the Jewish festival of 'Sukkoth'; the Pollino truffle, an ecotype that the Pollino National Park and the municipalities of Italy's largest park are studying together with the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources of the Perugia branch of the CNR and Arsac to typify the ecotype and turn it into a major local attraction, and finally the Cosenza PDO fig. Excellence that conquers the palate and tells the story of Calabria, a land of a thousand flavours, guardian of an immense food heritage that today wants to be an increasingly important player on national and international markets by focusing on quality and organic production.