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The complete series of five titles between sea and hinterland closes with the Contemporary Art Special
Lonely Planet Speciale Arte contemporanea


Feb 16, 2024 11:18 AM

A wonderful journey within a journey. The "48 hours in Calabria" focus videos produced by Lonely Planet Italia and promoted by the Calabria Film Commission, as part of "Calabria Straordinaria" Project - Tourism and Territorial Marketing Department of the Calabria Region - are all online. Closing the "48 hours in Calabria" video focus series is the "Contemporary Art Special", which concludes the popular series. A journey of knowledge of the region-tip of the boot through the wonderful images and descriptions of the Calabrian territory. After the first four focuses - "Sea Special", "Tyrrhenian Coast", "Ionian Coast" and "Outdoor Special" - the fifth video focuses on the theme "Contemporary Art & Archaeology - Calabria between Ancient and Modern", thus closing the special project that aims, through new forms of audiovisual narration, at the knowledge and valorisation of the territory with a view to promoting tourism. In particular, at the centre of the latest video is an unusual itinerary, to discover a particular point of view on contemporary art in Calabria, emphasising how this region, for several years now, has decided to look to the present and the future precisely through an important path of valorisation of this sphere. Thus, a journey through numerous historical centres in which works by famous artists - from Mimmo Rotella to Giorgio De Chirico, from Amedeo Modigliani to Salvador Dalì - fit harmoniously into the landscape, amidst innovations in forms and materials and reflections on important themes. An itinerary that - as is highlighted in the text accompanying the video - ranges from, among others, the Mudiac (diffuse museum of contemporary art), the Marca, the Fondazione Mimmo Rotella, the Parco della Biodiversità Mediterranea (in Catanzaro), the Carlo Bilotti Open-air Museum, the Bocs Art Museum, the Museo del Fumetto the Calatrava Bridge in Cosenza, continuing with the Maca in Acri and the Gulìa Urbana project in Rogliano, to arrive in Reggio Calabria, where the seafront shows off the magnificence of its unique structure, on two parallel levels, which also house works of contemporary art, such as the statues by Rabarama, or the columns of "Opera" by Tresoldi; not forgetting, still in the province of Reggio, in Mammola, the MuSaBa - Santa Barbara Museum, created by Nik Spatari. But, indeed, Calabria is a fascinating world to be discovered between land and sea, with an eye to the sky and its mountains, passing through villages, unforgettable landscapes, torrents, orchards, unspoilt paths, lakes and so on. Now all it takes is a click to start savouring the idea of a trip not to be missed. Choose the one that suits you with the Lonely Planet "48 hours in Calabria" video focus... Extraordinary!

Lonely Planet "48 hours in Calabria", sea special 

Lonely Planet "48 hours in Calabria", Ionian Coast special

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Lonely Planet, "48 hours in Calabria" contemporary art special