A New Year toast with Calabrian sparkling wines

The Calabria of sparkling wines: end-of-year bubbles

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Known as ancient Enotria (from the Greek ôinos, wine), Calabria is the "Land of Wine" by definition. Not only classic wine, in red, white and rosé variants, but also fine sparkling wine, of long or more recent tradition.

What better occasion than New Year's Eve in Calabria to discover the characteristics of Calabrian sparkling wines and their production areas, from the north to the south of the region?

Let's set off on a fascinating end-of-year wine tourism itinerary to toast together with a flûte of Calabrian bubbles.

Discovering Calabrian sparkling wines

A land kissed by the sun of dawn and sunset over its two seas, Calabria is historically devoted to viticulture, so much so that it counts among its agri-food excellences 9 PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin) and 10 PGIs (Protected Geographical Indication), in addition to some Slow Food Presidium dessert wines and the not-to-be-missed sparkling wines.

Calabrian sparkling wine is a relatively recent product but already widely awarded and recognised internationally.

The historic Cirò PDO brand, from the province of Crotone, offers an excellent classic method sparkling wine from indigenous Gaglioppo grapes. The brut rosé variant is ideal for a toast for couples.

Regione Calabria

The territory of Lamezia Terme, in the province of Catanzaro, is no different. In the hills surrounding the city, equally award-winning Calabrian sparkling wines with the PDO label are produced.

Another excellent Calabrian classic method sparkling wine comes from Locride, in the province of Reggio Calabria, the fragrant fruit of the Costa dei Gelsomini and the indigenous Mantonico grape variety in purity.

The great Calabrian sparkling wines, naturally fermented from the territories' identity grapes, release floral and berry scents, while maintaining a fine and persistent perlage and a full flavour. Ideal both as an aperitif and a toast at the end of a meal, they are now the freshest expression of Mediterranean bubbles.

Praia Art Resort
Praia Art Resort

A tour of Calabria's sparkling wine locations

The Calabrian sparkling wine discovery tour is a perfect sensory experience for the Christmas festivities in Calabria.

Starting in the lush territory of the Cirò hills, the province of Crotone is revealed through a glass of sparkling wine produced in the town of the same name, the town of Cirò, and its surroundings, from Melissa to Crucoli, whose historic centres overlooking the Ionian Sea are full of charm.

The places not to be missed? The Carafa Castle in Cirò, an imposing structure where the Cypriot mathematician and astronomer Luigi Lilio, inventor of the Gregorian calendar, worked, the circular Aragonese bastion of Torre Melissa (in the marina of the Municipality of Melissa) and the extraordinary seaside fortress of Le Castella, in the Marine Protected Area of Isola Capo Rizzuto.

Torre Melissa
Regione Calabria

On the Catanzaro Tyrrhenian Sea, the "City of Wine" of Lamezia Terme offers visitors the beauty of the historic centre of Nicastro, where they can visit the city's landmarks: the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the Monumental Complex of San Domenico, the Lametino Archaeological Museum and the House of the Ancient Book, as well as the remains of the Norman-Swabian Castle that stand on the top of the city's hill.

Museo Diocesano Lamezia
Regione Calabria

Locri's prized sparkling wine is the perfect way to discover one of the most important cities of Magna Graecia.

Locri and the National Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri represent the ancient heart of Ionian Calabria, along the Costa dei Gelsomini. Here lived Zaleucus, the first legislator of the western world, and Nossis, the poetess of love.

Locri Parco Archeologico
Regione Calabria


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