Venditti & De Gregori - The Tour

Venditti de Gregori

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Aug 23, 2022


Via Giordano Bruno, 116, Roccella Ionica


Amici/Solo coppia

Antonello Venditti and Francesco De Gregori share a common yet different story: two artists who have left their mark on Italian songwriting and music.
After their debut album "Theorius Campus" (1972), the careers of the two artists split, always remaining parallel. The rest is history... until today, their first and unmissable tour that, this summer, will see them starring together on the same stage with a single band in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

The two artists - on the occasion of the Roccella Summer Festival - will also stop in Calabria, more precisely at the Teatro al Castello in Roccella Ionica on 23 August 2022.