Me Contro Te - The 10-year show

The 10 Years of Me Contro Te show on 12 and 13 April 2025 at the Palacalafiore in Reggio Calabria.
Me contro Te - cartolina reggio

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12 - 13 Apr


Palacalafiore, Reggio di Calabria



The 10-year anniversary show of Me Contro Te produced by Vivo Concerti will also arrive in Calabria, at the Palacalafiore in Reggio Calabria, on 12 and 13 April 2025. The famous duo, beloved by the very young, is an authentic phenomenon born on the web, then passed on to cinema and television. Extraordinary the enthusiasm that infects adults and children during their live show that, even in Reggio, promises to be an authentic gathering of entire families.

After the success of their spring tour, the actors, singers and writers Me Contro Te, also known as Luì e Sofì, a duo composed of Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia, both from Palermo, have announced new dates to continue celebrating their first decade of career. Young and old will once again be catapulted into a magical and colourful atmosphere where they will sing and dance. The show will be even more exciting and will once again be an opportunity to listen to all the duo's most enthralling songs, such as ‘La Canzone del Cowboy’, which has reached 16 million views on Youtube. Fun for the whole family where children and their parents will be surprised, once again, by the remarkable stage set and the numerous surprises that will be present during the show.

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