Le Pupazze di Bova

Bova Pupazze

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Apr 10, 2022





In Calabria, rituals of Greek origin are still celebrated today, combining pagan traditions with Christian beliefs, as happens in the village of Bova during the Easter period. We are in one of the Most beautiful villages in Italy, a small town of about 400 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Calabria, considered the cultural capital of Greek culture in Calabria. 

On Palm Sunday - 10 April 2022 - Bova celebrates an archaic rite that originates from Greek mythological culture and the Eleusinian mysteries: Festa delle Pupazze (Feast of Puppets). This is a procession of anthropomorphic female figures, made of olive leaves woven on wild reeds and decorated with coloured ribbons, lace, mimosa branches, flowers, fruit and seasonal produce. The Feast of Puppets consists of carrying these figures from the Church of St Leo to the Cathedral of St Mary of Isodia. On leaving the church, the faithful can undress the Pupazze, taking the blessed olive branches from their bodies and taking them home, where they will be placed in strategic points and used as bearers of abundance and good luck and to ward off the evil eye.