arte e cultura

Art and culture

A crossroads of peoples and the beating heart of Magna Graecia, Calabria awaits you with its places of culture and art spanning history, from the dawn of humanity to contemporary expressions.

If archaeology is your passion, you've come to the right place. With its 6 National Archaeological Parks and dozens of sites and museums, Calabria gladly shows its most ancient face, which the whole world identifies in the harmony of its two most famous warriors, the Riace Bronzes.

The beauty of modern and contemporary art in Calabria is no less, appreciated all over the world through great names: from Mattia Preti to Umberto Boccioni, from Andrea Cefaly to Mimmo Rotella - to name but a few - passing through the kaleidoscopic world of Nik Spatari and the more recent forms of open-air museums and art residencies.

A land of Grand Tours and great writers, from Leonida Repaci to Corrado Alvaro and contemporary writers, Calabria is also narrated through its Literary Parks.

Discover the Capital Cities, with their museums and local specialities, the 15 Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites (tangible and intangible).

Scopri una terra ricca di storia e bellezza!

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