Serre Regional Natural Park



Oct 18, 2023 9:21 AM

The Protected Area of ​​Serre Regional Natural Park was established in 1990 to protect and enhance the natural heritage, cultural history and anthropology that combine to determine the name of the Serre. The landscape offers areas strongly recognizable. Marine terraces, with the appearance of plateaus more or less wide, bordered by cliffs are particularly evident in the areas of Laureana di Borrello, Arena and Dasà. Between the mountains open up wide and shallow depressions that housed in the Quaternary real lakes: Piana Lacina (Brognaturo) and hollows of Serra San Bruno, Chiaravalle, Mongiana and Fabrizia. 

Ionic slopes are characterized by "cuts" of rivers, large gravel river beds, dry most of the year, which fan out at the coast. The pads are covered with vast tracts of forest that make up some of the most important forest complexes of Calabria: the Mediterranean, chestnut, beech and fir, which for the grandeur of the forest area, the rich fauna, and the presence of numerous streams It appears of rare beauty and importance. The territory belonging to the Park also includes the Angitola Lake Oasi, recognized as a "Wetland of International Value". The Park offers visitors a selection of nine diverse itineraries to discover landscapes and values ​​of great historical memory, cultural and nature: Monte Pecoraro and locality "Lu Bellu", Anello-Bellavista, Lacina, Estate of the Bourbon King Ferdinandea and Marmarico Waterfalls, Faggio del Re-Speranza-Abate and  "Archiforo" Footpath.

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