Pizzo, the city of the icecream

© Regione Calabria


Located right in the centre of the Gulf of Sant’Eufemia, it is one of the most picturesque and famous towns in the Vibonese area. It also boasts one of the most charming coastal villages which perches on the slope of an enchanting promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Pizzo has become a modern town and holiday resort renowned for its wide sandy beaches, clear sea, enchanting old town, and rock-filled coves.

The origins of Pizzo date back to the times of ancient Greece. The town was important for many historical figures: Cicero often stayed there and it was also the resting place of Saint Peter on his journey to Rome as well as of Ulysses, as reported by Pliny.

Pizzo’s world-famous speciality is the renowned Tartufo di Pizzo, an artisan icecream with a rounded shape and an irresistible heart of melted chocolate.

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